Gibby The Piper


There are 2 main options but they can be changed to suit your big day

Option 1.

1. Piper will arrive at the wedding venue about 40 minutes before the ceremony to pipe for the guests and groom arriving.
2. Piper will play as the bride arrives.
3. Piper plays as the bride walks down the aisle.
4. Piper plays for the bride and groom as they leave the ceremony.
5. Piper plays as all the guests leave the ceremony.
6. Piper plays a selection of tunes while the photographs are being taken.

Option 2 is all of option 1 plus;

7. Piper stays to pipe the bride and groom into the top table at the reception.
As this is a maximum 2.5 hours later, this would incur an extra charge
Let me know if you need any more information.